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Following the research plan for 2007-2011, the Institute carries out works in three priority lines of RAS and SB RAS, and involved in three programs and four projects. These are the following:

Priority line 4.5. Problems of creation of global and integrated information-telecommunication systems and nets. Development of GRID technologies.

   Program 4.5.2. Development of scientific grounds for distributed information-analytical system on the basis of GIS and Web technologies to be used in the interdisciplinary studies (Coordinator – Academician Yu.I. Shokin).

     Project Information-analytical system “Water and Ecology in Siberia” (Scientific Supervisor – Prof. I.A. Sutorikhin).

Priority line 7.9. Dynamics and conservation of underground and surface waters. Glaciers. Problems of domestic water supply.

   Program 7.9.1. The study of hydrological and ecological processes in water objects of Siberia and the development of scientific grounds for water use and conservation with due regard for anthropogenic factors and climate fluctuations (Coordinators – Academician O.F. Vasiliev, Academician M.A. Grachev).

     Project Hydrological and ecological processes in rivers, lakes and reservoirs; the development of scientific grounds for water use and conservation in Siberia (Scientific Supervisors - Academician O.F. Vasiliev, Prof. Yu.I. Vinokurov).

 Priority line 7.10. Physical and chemical processes occurred in the atmosphere and at the Earth surface. The mechanisms for climate formation and change, the cryosphere problems.

   Program 7.10.1. The integrated research of natural-climatic changes and risk-related nature management in Siberia (Coordinator- M.B.Kabanov, Correspondent Member of RAS).

    Project Landscape-water-ecological investigations, risk assessment and forecast in nature management of Siberia (Scientific Supervisor - Prof.Yu.Vinokurov)

    Project Regional nature management in Siberia in view of territory differentiation and environmental restrictions (Scientific supervisors- Prof.A.Puzanov, Prof.B.A.Krasnoyarova)

In addition, the initiative project “Study of physical-chemical peculiarities of water in natural and biological environments” is being carried out by IWEP SB RAS (Scientific Supervisor - Prof.Yu.Vinokurov

1,Molodyoznaya St., Barnaul 656038,
Altai Krai, Russia

Phone: (3852) 66-64-60
Fax: (3852) 24-03-96