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During 30 years of its existence, the Institute has been establishing and maintaining the international relations. The researchers of the Institute take part in the international scientific events and visit research centers abroad at regular intervals. Every year the Institute hosts foreign scientists interested in joint studies.  At present the relations with a number of Universities, research centers and academies of sciences of Europe, North America and Asia are maintained.   The major international research projects of the Institute in 2007-2017 are the following:

  • Collaborative linkage between the European Union and Russia in the development of scientific and technical cooperation in the field of environment (including climate change) (FP7 EC, project acronym - E-Ural);
  • Study of high mountain glacier cores of the mountain regions of the Great Altai for the assessment of climate change and atmospheric pollution in Central Asia;
  • Cooperation between IWEP and Deltares in the field of hydrology, water management, environment conservation and modeling in the Siberian region;
  • Study of high mountain glacier cores of the mountain regions of the Great Altai and Central Asia for the assessment of climate change, atmospheric pollution and effect of fire in Central Asia;
  • Interdisciplinary Russian-German "KULUNDA" project;
  • The European Union Programme "ERASMUS+".

Computational methods for the evaluation of deep and shallow thawing of ever-frozen rocks based on the radar remote sensing data.   

1,Molodyoznaya St., Barnaul 656038,
Altai Krai, Russia

Phone: (3852) 66-64-60
Fax: (3852) 24-03-96