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Along with fundamental studies, the Institute performs a large volume of applied research by order of bodies of state power of the subjects of the Russian Federation, economic and other organizations (more than 50 government contracts and agreements on the performance of research work per year).

IWEP SB RAS is one of the leading organizations evaluating the environmental impact of large HPPs construction (the Katun, Krapivino, Boguchansk, Altai, and Evenki) and ecological assessment of consequences of nuclear tests at the Semipalatinsk nuclear test site.

By order of Roscosmos, the Institute performs environmental support of space-rocket activity (the Baikonur, Vostochny, and Plesetsk cosmodromes) under the Federal space programs of Russia and the Federal target program "Development of cosmodromes in Russia".

         The Institute participated in the elaboration of the following programs for the protection and rational use of water bodies: "The national program of action for the improvement and development of water sector of Russia for the period until 2015 "Water of Russia, the 21st century" (2003-2015), and water management and environment blocks in the Strategy for Economic Development of Siberia. The list of water bodies of Altai Krai has been made. By order of the Federal Agency for Water Resources of Russia, the Concept of State program on the use, restoration and conservation of water objects in the Upper Ob basin (2002-2010) has been built.  

The contract work on the "Study of the current state and scientific substantiation of methods and means for stable functioning of water sector in the Ob and Irtysh basins" (2008-2010) is carried out. In 2010, the scheme of integrated use and protection of water bodies in the Ob basin was devised together with the RosNIIVKh.

On demand of the Federal Agency for Water Resources of Russia, the research on "The study of the Krasnoyarsk reservoir morphometry and the development of scientific-based recommendations on the prevention of water effect on its shores" and "The study of water regime and channel processes of Lena river, the development of scientifically-based recommendations and measures for the prevention of harmful effects of waters and floods" was carried out.

Currently, the schemes of territorial planning of Altai Krai and Republic of Altai in terms of natural conditions, resources, and environmental situation are developed. The Institute has conducted an inventory of natural monuments (nature reserves inclusive) in the regions of Altai Krai and Republic of Altai. IWEP has developed a territorial scheme of waste management, including the municipal solid waste.


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Altai Krai, Russia

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