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The Council of young scientists, involving the scientists and specialists under 35 years old, actively operates at the Institute. It represents the interests of the scientific youth and, as a public body under the Institute Directorate, promotes a professional and career growth of young researchers.

The Chairman of the Council is a member of the Scientific Council with a consultative vote, and in the presence of the academic degree - with a right to vote.

Recently, the Council was headed by A.T. Zinoviev (Dr.Sci.), S.G. Yakovchenko (Dr.Sci.), D.M. Bezmaternykh (Ph.D.), and S.N. Balykin (Ph.D.). Since 2017, the Chairman of the Council is N.S. Malygina (Ph.D.). The Council holds the annual conferences for young scientists "A Step into Science", in the framework of which it organizes a competition of scientific reports and publishes the conference proceedings.    

Scientific Youth Council

Malygina N. S. (Ph. D),

Chairman of Scientific Youth Council, IWEP SB RAS

 Members of Scientific Youth Council

1. Garms E. O., Ph. D., junior researcher

2. Kolomeycev A. A., engineer

3. Kotovshchikov A. V., Ph.D., researcher

4. Orlova E. S., postgraduate student

5. Pershin D. K., junior researcher

6. Troshkova I. A., junior researcher

7. Khvostov I. V., Ph.D., researcher

8. Sharabarina S. N., Ph.D., researcher

1,Molodyoznaya St., Barnaul 656038,
Altai Krai, Russia

Phone: (3852) 66-64-60
Fax: (3852) 24-03-96